We are proud of our facilities and welcome our growers to come take a tour.


It is no accident the Company is located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley, the heart of California’s and the world’s almond and walnut growing region. There is no better location in the USA for almonds and walnuts than here in California due to its soil and microclimates. California also has the best growers and agricultural infrastructure in the world. The company cultivates and relies on its network of growers throughout California’s Central Valley.

Each location is strategically located, singularly focused and dedicated to its commodity. This structure accommodates food safety, maximizes efficiency, and reduces the cost of re-tasking the instruments and workforce that can be passed onto our grower base.

Ripon, CA

This production facility is dedicated to oil pressing and inshell almond processing and is located on French Camp Road off Highway 120. The milling equipment and layout are well designed, utilizing current technologies.

Linden, CA

This production facility is dedicated to walnut processing and is located just northeast of Linden, CA. The facility’s production capabilities include inshell and shelling as well as bleaching. This is a long established operation with substantial capacity and a quality reputation.

Stockton, CA

This production facility is dedicated to almond processing such as laser sorters, color sorters, controlled atmosphere technology for fumigation, pasteurization and high capacity packing lines.