We bring the rich yield of the California’s almond and walnut orchards to the world.

Company Overview

Our company is located in California’s Central Valley with three processing facilities all within a 25 mile radius of each other, with the Stockton facility also serving as the company’s headquarters and administrative offices. Our global customer base is representative of our international marketing approach. While serving upwards of 40 countries, we continue to maintain a local, small business approach in doing business with them as well as our supply chain. Our company is founded on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and a motto of “Ease of Doing Business” in all of our dealings across a broad spectrum of customers, suppliers, service providers, and employees.

We also pursue quality, service and excellence in all our endeavors. To that end, the Pearl Crop brands represent the pride of our commitment to growing and packing the top grade of California’s almonds and walnuts.

Our website includes our product types, facilities, sales and marketing, grower information, key contacts, and additional information to assist our customers when selecting Pearl Crop as its quality supplier of tree nuts. We are always looking to share our value proposition in order to increase our reach to various segments throughout the world. Consequently, as our sales have grown so has the demand for quality growers to join our team.